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For the wellbeing of you and your brand

Empowering you as healers, entrepreneurs,
and conscious business owners to create and share
soul brand, your product, business, or service
aligned with your deeper life purpose and vision.


What is Wellbranding?

For the wellbeing of you and your brand

We as healers and conscious entrepreneurs want more than to just ‘put out our stuff’ that we are creating, offering, and selling. We want to make a difference with our innovations in the most meaningful way. We relish the grace that comes when we align our inner vision with our outer expression. We understand that creating beauty matters. Yes, it does.

You have devoted your time, resources, and energy and trained and gained experience in one or many of these areas in the wellness world, the healing arts, yoga instruction, counselling, product development, event creation, online education, and conscious business. You are so ready to start a new phase in your career, refresh a current one, launch your own business, product or service and put yourself out there as your own brand.

You are amazing and you feel ready to rock the world with your skills, vision, talents, and expertise. The thing is you may be confused about expressing who YOU are as a brand or what your true brand is, let alone how to promote yourself authentically and powerfully in alignment with your unique super-powers and gifts.

You know you want your audience, clients and customers to REALLY GET YOU but not sure you know how to powerfully share the real you through your offerings. So how do you create your professional brand that will attract your perfect audience, one that is totally in sync with your one-of-a-kind, heart-centred Wellbrand constitution?

Ayurveda is the science and knowledge of life, honouring and supporting each individual to embrace and truly express their own unique mind/body/spirit type.

Wellbranding is the science and soul of creating a unique brand signature infused with the wisdom of Ayurveda for the wellness professional and the conscious entrepreneur.

When you express your true self,  aligning your talents and skills with the branding symbology, design, and messaging that brilliantly radiates that, you will experience confidence, joy, and success and feel authentically empowered in your livelihood and professional soul-calling. You will feel juicy-joy in your offerings.

As much as your purposeful work matters, so does your brand spirit, as it reflects and represents the entrepreneur, healer, healing product, and service, manifesting a more meaningful career and creating a ripple effect for a kinder, healthier, and more abundantly beautiful world. You in?


MARCH 23 and 24 2019
9am to 5pm with lunch break from noon -1pm each day

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We begin with a foundation for understanding your personal Ayurvedic constitution while exploring the qualities and constitution of your brand through demo, discussion, meditation, partner work, and Wellbrand-mapping. You will discover the unique Dosha of your brand through an exciting and innovative Wellbranding D.O.S.H.A. Quiz.

e s i r e:  Your impulses, aspirations and what drives them
r a c l e: Your inner creative guide
w e e t s p o t: Your happy place, your deep calling
e r o: The hero’s journey, your transformation process.
v a t a r: Your indwelling Avatar showing you the door to the divine, your destiny + purpose.


Once you feel clarity and confidence about your mind/body/spirit constitution (dosha) and the dosha of your brand, we will delve into the world of colour and symbology as related to the five great elements.

We will explore the energetic feelings, messaging, subtle influences and powerful impressions of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Through colour exercises, deep delving into personal power symbols, magnetic soul symbols and the profound language of colour, you will begin to discover the visual language that resonates for you most. The brand you are guided to create that will most successfully draw your ideal audience and clientele while offering your true dharma or soul purpose and destiny with your work in this world.

With a focus on your Wellbeing we will explore your Wellbranding:

  • Your unique soul purpose
  • Getting to know what makes you so exquisitely YOU
  • Your inner fantasy landscape
  • Imagination, purpose, desires. fantasies
  • Your body, mind, emotion, soul signature



Bringing the learnings and experience of the first day together, you will create your own dynamic colour-boards and symbol storyboards.

Here you will learn to tell the story of your unique brand with your brand mantra and dynamic graphics that draw from you your unique and most resonant Wellbranding. You will map your brand through emotional, visual, energetic, and physical cues energizing the five senses to awaken creative visioning.

  • SMELL: aromatherapy
  • TASTE: herbal elixirs, the six tastes
  • SOUND: music and chanting
  • SIGHT: colour and imagery
  • TOUCH: texture experiences


In the advertising and marketing world this is called your USP-Unique Selling Point, or your CPP Crystalized Product Promise. We call this your WISE – Wellbranding Inspired Soul Essence. This is your brand mantra, your product, business, or service’s soul-vision statement, your commitment to sharing your gifts declared out loud and proud to the world. 

On completion of Day 2 you will have a solid and inspired starting point to create your own Wellbranding materials or to effectively partner with a brand design professional to create your most aligned branding package from your place of confidence and clarity.

WE WILL CREATE A POWERFUL COLLECTIVE WELLBRANDING COLOUR MANDALA experiencing the ripple effect of our aligned Wellbranding for each individual and as a harmonious whole.

With a focus on your Wellbeing we will explore and create your Wellbranding



You’re an entrepreneur with a product, service or conscious business in the wellness world or healing arts and you desire a stunning brand that will attract your audience in an authentic way aligned with your vision and life purpose.


You’re unsure how to create or express your unique brand in a way that feels totally like YOU and your heart business, project or venture so that your audience truly GETS IT and is drawn to it on a soul level. You know that when you are aligned things magically attract abundance but you aren’t sure which direction to take with your branding that feels dynamically matched to your vision.


Your new project or current business needs magnetic, beautiful branding with a soulful message straight from the heart. You want to make a difference in your business with your gifts, bringing more beauty and integrity into the marketplace



Your inspiring personal Wellbrand mantra, colour storyboard, and symbol imagery that will best represent and brand your vision. Spot-on Wellbranding that feels dynamically matched and aligned with your professional soul destiny.


A method of connecting to your rich source of inner wisdom where you magically attract abundance through your work. Wellbranding gives you the confidence to authentically share your unique offerings by marketing with true meaning and branding with beauty.


A unique system and exciting tools for your brand creation that reveal a deeper understanding of your personal mind/body constitution aligned with the DOSHA of your brand. An opening to the gateway of your deeper life purpose.

Weekend Wellbranding Workshop registration: $375

Includes branding workbook and all supplies.

REGISTRANTS will receive a BONUS one hour call with Glynnis after the workshop to discuss discoveries, aha’s and how to put these into action with insights into your personal colour storyboard, symbology, and brand mantra. (Value $250)

REGISTER Here for Vancouver workshop
The Wellbranding Workshop was unlike anything I've ever experienced before! I absolutely loved the approach Glynnis took, infusing her great knowledge of art and design with her holistic, spiritual and wellness ayurvedic practices. This was the perfect fit for me with the practical and hands-on work given. It was a fun, enlightening, creative, supportive and spiritual experience, that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to bring forth a new perspective in their soul-driven business venture.
Karina Morin
Performance artist, singer, style consultant
The magnificent Glynnis Osher created this magical branding workshop that supports the alignment of your soul with the creative face of your business. So many light bulbs went off all weekend and it was a mastermind group of miraculous proportions. I highly recommend this workshop!
Christy Greenwood
Healing Artist • Photographer • Dance Journey Faciliator
Thank you Glynnis! Your WellBranding workshop was beautifully and thoughtfully presented, packed with lots of practical advice based on your years of experience in design and branding, and your beautiful insights from your Ayurvedic practices. By sharing your personal experiences you made everything so easy to relate to, and you provided the tools for each of us to progress no matter what stage we are at on our individual journeys and it was a perfect combination of hands-on and theory. Sadly it seems we rarely take the time to take stock and focus on ourselves, and this weekend workshop was a wonderful opportunity to do just that! I now have clarity regarding my business idea and my brand, AND who I am and how I am going to share my gifts through my work. I feel equipped and ready to bring my brand and vision to life, and I’m excited for the journey ahead! The support, input and encouragement from the group was also invaluable, and knowing that we can continue to support one another in our WellBranding Community, beyond the workshop, is wonderful.
Karin Wegner
Milliner, creative entrepreneur
The Wellbranding Workshop was the perfect environment to stimulate new ideas and to crystallize them into tangible plans. Glynnis creates an open, generous, supportive energy in her workshop that inspired our group to work together to nurture and tweak each of our separate visions, to incredible results. Glynnis' experience and breadth of knowledge are immediately apparent as she describes her own journey, and hearing about that personal and professional process was an invaluable learning opportunity. I finished the Wellbranding Workshop with a clearer sense of purpose and a renewed sense of excitement for building my brand. Thank you so much!
Lea Cohodas
Coastright, designing content
For anyone considering this workshop, Jump On It!!! Wellbranding is truly a masterpiece workshop. By infusing conscious business practices with the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda, each and every step of working with a brand comes from our authentic and creative spirit. I highly recommend this opportunity to work with Glynnis.
Sarah Wade
Cranial Sacral, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapist
It was a delight to have a whole weekend of access to Glynnis with her experience and insight, especially as it relates to knowing myself through my Doshas. The Ayurvedic side was new to me and some of what we looked at was a great reminder of what I already knew, but the time together gave me a sacred space in which to consider myself and the business that is an extension of my creative process.
Lucca Hallex
Power Sourcerer

About Glynnis, your Wellbranding Guide

Glynnis is a passionate teacher, Ayurvedic practitIoner, published author, creative director, and branding expert in the wellness and healing arts arena.

With a flourishing career of over 18 years as an award winning art director and graphic designer in South Africa, New York, Seattle, and Vancouver, Glynnis was strongly drawn to the wellness path and brings an exceptional background in Ayurveda, aromatherapy and aromanutrition to her professional portfolio.

Glynnis is a multi-preneur with the impeccable experience of melding together the dynamic worlds of advertising, design, and wellness. Integrating the innate wisdom of Ayurveda, she has developed a unique system to empower other entrepreneurs, healers and teachers to discover their own unique branding though her Wellbranding workshops and branding services. Glynnis believes in conscious business and that a brand has a soul which when aligned with the true soul-purpose of the founder, can make a profound difference for good in the world.

Glynnis has created, launched, and marketed extensive product lines and has a track record winning new product accounts through her unique creative strategies, concepts, and branding expertise in the healthcare, wellness, and natural beauty categories.

Glynnis created The Mystic Masala Aromatherapy with over 26 product SKU’s which were retailed in Whole Foods USA, as well as in prominent spas, wellness centres and boutiques across North America for over 14 years. She successfully sold her company to Danielle LaPorte Inc. in 2015.

Glynnis is founder and Creative Director of The Spice Life, offering learning experiences and products in aromanutrition.

She is co-author of ‘Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care through Ayurveda and Yoga Practices that Work’


Amazing things people say about Glynnis and her work…

I am so truly humbled and filled with gratitude by your beautiful products! I recieved my lovely package from you, with the bounty of tridoshic goodies and sensory delights! I absolutely adore the oils, as you know, and now am trying the luxurious soap and the energy of your candles always burn at the puja in my home, where we dedicate each morning and evening, our wishes for the happiness of others.
And I love everything you make, do, and are! You are inspiring and so healing, on so many levels.
With heartfelt and devoted love,
- Biff Naked
Glynnis is absolutely passionate about what she does and it shows in her training – she is very serious about her teaching but she doesn’t take herself seriously and this is wonderful.  She is playful, joyful and exuberant and it made the 15 hours of intense training so much fun!  I loved her training so much it has inspired me to go to India to become even more immersed in Ayurvedic IHM.  Glynnis is a wonderful teacher!
- Jana B
Wellness practitioner
As you know,  a special logo design was required and more than 50 logo designs were submitted across South Africa by various advertising agencies and design studios to mark the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s 50th anniversary. An SABC management committee considered all the designs and finally narrowed them down to three, selecting the one you created for Kenyon Wiles as the winning design.  The design was selected for its bold simplicity and adaptability to various branding mediums. Congratulations on your outstanding work!
- Ben Du Toit
Executive Creative Director, Kenyon Wiles, South Africa
The Aroma Dosha Blueprint is an absolutely stunning course! It is visually gorgeous, filled with inspiration and delivered in a way that makes the information completely accessible. Ayurveda can be a complex topic yet Glynnis teaches it with absolute clarity and simplicity, so that you can discover your personal Aroma Dosha. I love this program so much and recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the magic of scent and spice medicine while getting to know themselves better at the same time.
- Natalie Rousseau
Yoga teacher, mentor
Now that you’ve had time to catch your breath, I want to thank you for your contribution to the success of the Adria/Farmitalia presentation. Perhaps more than anyone else you carried the huge burden of the presentation on your shoulders – and carried it with poise and aplomb. Your commitment and outstanding talent, both for creating ideas and for working with others to oversee their execution – made this not only the most effective, but also the best looking presentationIve ever seen in a dozen years at S&H. I’m very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with you on this project.
- Rob Buccino
Creative Director Sudler & Hennessey NY
Glynnis is such an inspiration! I always feel so honoured to be taught by her. She has sparked an interest in my life to practice an Ayurvedic style of living my life. I am so excited to begin this journey and it truly was a pleasure to be taught by such an amazing woman.
Anonymous Student survey VSOHA
…not only have I found Glynnis to be a dedicated, creative, and extremely intelligent person, but she has been the only person, in my experience ever to be able to grasp the fine intricacies of a most difficult product line and produce the answer first time around!
- Phillipe Mihailovic
Group Product Manager, Bristol Myers


Hosted by:
East Van Studio Gallery
1659 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H1


Email: glynnisosher@me.com
REGISTER HERE for Vancouver workshop

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