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For the wellbeing of you and your brand

Empowering you as a healer, entrepreneur,
and conscious business owner to create and share
soul brand, your product, business, or service
aligned with your deeper life purpose and vision.



SEPTEMBER 19 and 20 2020

10am – 3.30pm both days
With one hour break for lunch each day


Weekend Wellbranding Workshop registration:
$325 plus $25 materials fee. Includes Shipping.  

Workshop materials will be mailed to participants before workshop,
includes workbook, colour and symbol package.

Certificate of Completion
provided on request.

The Wellbranding workshop is an experiential training for you as an entrepreneur in the wellness world to create and find clarity with your brand, product, business, or service, aligning this with your deeper life purpose and vision as a healer, wellness entrepreneur, teacher, and conscious business owner.
Through the innovative Wellbranding model, you will discover your essential brand signature and constitution, including:
  • What drives your personal and career aspirations.
  • Your true inner creative guide, to consult with and draw from.
  • Your happy place of power, prosperity, and peace.
  • Your process of transformation revealing your true offerings and gifts.
  • Your spiritual core and power guide to your life/career purpose.
The workshop will delve into the world of colour and symbology as related to the five elements. You will discover the visual language that resonates with you, and connect it with your desired ideal audience and community.




You will discover your personal Ayurvedic mind/body type along with the unique constitution of your brand, through an innovative Wellbranding D.O.S.H.A. Quiz.
DESIRE:  Drives your impulses and aspirations 
ORACLE: Your inner creative guide
SWEETSPOT: Your happy place
HERO’S JOURNEY: Your transformation process
AVATAR: Your higher guide to your purpose.

We will delve into the world of colour and symbology as related to the five great elements and discover the visual language that resonates for you most.
You will feel clear and confident about your soul purpose as it relates to your business and the vision you are tapping into for your one of a kind brand.


Using the Wellbranding process, you will create your own legendary brand story, launching your aligned brand vision through colour, brand mantra, and meaningful symbology.  
You will implement a living action plan for inspired next steps. Feel empowered as you get ready to offer your lifework, elevated by your true soul brand.

In the advertising and marketing world this is called your USP – Unique Selling Point.  This is your brand mantra, your product, business, or service’s soul-vision statement.
On completion of Day 2 you will have a solid start in creating your own Wellbrand materials and/or to partner effectively with a design professional from YOUR place of confidence and clarity.



You’re an entrepreneur with a product, service or conscious business in the wellness world or healing arts and you desire a stunning brand that will attract your audience in an authentic way aligned with your vision and unique life purpose for right livelihood, prosperity and fulfilment.


You’re unsure how to create or express your unique brand in a way that feels totally like YOU and your heart business or venture so that your audience truly GETS IT and is drawn to it on a soul level. You know that when you are aligned things magically attract abundance but you aren’t sure which direction to take with your branding that feels truly matched to your vision.


Your new or current service or business needs magnetic, beautiful branding with a soulful message straight from the heart. You want to love what you do while making a difference in your business, bringing more beauty and integrity into the marketplace.



Your inspiring personal Wellbrand mantra, colour storyboard, and symbol imagery that will best represent and brand your vision. Spot-on Wellbranding that feels dynamically matched and aligned with your professional soul destiny.


A method of connecting to your rich source of inner wisdom where you magically attract abundance through your work. Wellbranding gives you the confidence to authentically share your unique offerings by marketing with true meaning and branding with beauty.


A unique system and exciting tools for your brand creation that reveal a deeper understanding of your personal mind/body constitution aligned with the DOSHA of your brand. An opening to the gateway of your deeper life purpose.

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Wellbranding Workshop Testimonials

The Wellbranding Workshop was unlike anything I've ever experienced before! I absolutely loved the approach Glynnis took, infusing her great knowledge of art and design with her holistic, spiritual and wellness ayurvedic practices. This was the perfect fit for me with the practical and hands-on work given. It was a fun, enlightening, creative, supportive and spiritual experience, that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to bring forth a new perspective in their soul-driven business venture.
Karina Morin
Performance artist, singer, style consultant
The magnificent Glynnis Osher created this magical branding workshop that supports the alignment of your soul with the creative face of your business. So many light bulbs went off all weekend and it was a mastermind group of miraculous proportions. I highly recommend this workshop!
Christy Greenwood
Healing Artist • Photographer • Dance Journey Faciliator
The Wellbranding Workshop was the perfect environment to stimulate new ideas and to crystallize them into tangible plans. Glynnis creates an open, generous, supportive energy in her workshop that inspired our group to work together to nurture and tweak each of our separate visions, to incredible results. Glynnis' experience and breadth of knowledge are immediately apparent as she describes her own journey, and hearing about that personal and professional process was an invaluable learning opportunity. I finished the Wellbranding Workshop with a clearer sense of purpose and a renewed sense of excitement for building my brand. Thank you so much!
Lea Cohodas
Coastright, designing content
For anyone considering this workshop, Jump On It!!! Wellbranding is truly a masterpiece workshop. By infusing conscious business practices with the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda, each and every step of working with a brand comes from our authentic and creative spirit. I highly recommend this opportunity to work with Glynnis.
Sarah Wade
Cranial Sacral, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapist
I just took the Wellbranding workshop and I already have so much more clarity around the vision for my business. I had so many aha moments, and major mind shifts that have opened up a deeper understanding of who I am as an individual, and how my goals as a healer align with my business plan. Glynnis is such a unicorn in this world... she has so much experience as an artist, healer, and teacher, which she freely shares with elegance, and humor. It is impossible to be in her presence and not be inspired! I look forward to starting my business with this as my foundation and I hope to be able to work more with Glynnis in the future.
Laura Ann Newman
Because Mama Matters
My heart is full, my brain reactivated, my soul tingling, and my energy super charged! Thank you with all of my heart! Two whole days absorbing wisdom, creativity, love, and receiving concrete direction how to move forward to birthing my Wellbrand was and is extremely helpful. Reconfirming my Soul Purpose, and all that encompasses was incredible. Thank you! There were so many extra juicy moments, nuggets of “AHA” insights, awakening chills, and many tender feelings that sometimes quietly overwhelmed me. I received so many gifts of knowledge and wisdom , and most importantly I loved how you created a sacred space for me and others to explore and be vulnerable to share our insecurities and challenges and space to create without restrictions. Just having the opportunity to be in the company of Glynnis, and all of the beautiful women was an experience of lifetime for me…. And…by the way, the Wellbranding Workshop, was not just another workshop, it was a magical, mystical workshop filled with all the magic and love that was beyond any sessions that I have had the blessing to experience. Thank you!
Kimberley Fenlon
Om Mama Yoga
The weekend workshop was great! Felt it was just what I needed to move forward with the vision of my new business. Really gave me confidents, inspiration and support! Thank you so much!
Jessica Schnell
Awaken Health
Thank you Glynnis! Your WellBranding workshop was beautifully and thoughtfully presented, packed with lots of practical advice based on your years of experience in design and branding, and beautiful insights from your Ayurvedic practices. By sharing your personal experiences you made everything so easy to relate to, and you provided the tools for each of us to progress no matter what stage we are at on our individual journeys and it was a perfect combination of hands-on and theory. Sadly it seems we rarely take the time to take stock and focus on ourselves, and this weekend workshop was a wonderful opportunity to do just that! I now have clarity regarding my business idea and my brand, AND who I am and how I am going to share my gifts through my work. I feel equipped and ready to bring my brand and vision to life, and I’m excited for the journey ahead! The support, input and encouragement from the group was also invaluable, and knowing that we can continue to support one another in our WellBranding Community, beyond the workshop, is wonderful. Thank you Glynnis. I think you’ve created a masterpiece and I would definitely recommend your WellBranding workshop!
Karin Wegner
I had an incredible experience participating in this weekend long workshop. I now have more tools, more knowledge, a deeper understanding of the direction I want my business to take and a very clear path towards achieving my short and long term goals! This was exactly what I needed in order to boost my business and get clear on what my next steps are. I found a community of like-minded people who were having the same fears and doubts and blocks, Glynnis is absolutely amazing at helping you completely shift perspective and provide you with so many new options on how to tackle those blocks and barriers. This workshop helped me tap into my creative potential, it helped to reveal what my next steps are and I'm not holding back! I've got renewed vigor in bringing my brand to life, I've got new motivation to step into my power, as a business women, claim my purpose and share my gifts more freely with the world.
Nadia Varallo
I've been an entrepreneur for many years and Glynnis's Wellbranding workshop really helped to refine my brand. I knew I had deviated from my intended direction and it was so helpful to come home to my authentic wellness purpose. I deeply appreciated the support with word-smithing, color choices and encouragement to be bold and unapologetic with offerings that make my heart sing! I would highly recommend the Wellbranding workshop to anyone who is looking for support with their wellness business brand. Thanks Glynnis.
Sheryl Watson
Glynnis's energy is phenomenal! She is powerfully using her holistic background and +20years experience in the advertising world. I loved the workshop and the thoughtful way it was laid out. Every piece of the workshop comes together beautifully. I strongly recommend this workshop to every holistic practitioner who wants to put themselves out there and doesn't know where to start!
Fleur Choy
Working with Glynnis on well-branding my company has been such a successful experience! Glynnis guided me through a well-branding process that helped me to reveal my deepest values for my new business. I went from having no idea what my business brand would look like to having a gorgeous package of business materials that included a website, business cards, letterhead, and architectural titleblock for my design drawings. I went from being insecure about my company image to being extremely proud to hand out my cards, submit drawings, and talk about my business goals and visions. I have noticed that potential clients express delight when they look at my wellbranded business card! I feel indebted to Glynnis for helping me achieve a level of confidence that has landed me my dream contract! Thank you, Glynnis, for such a powerful business process!
Kristina Zalite
Landscape Architect, Zale Design

Learn about Glynnis

About Glynnis, your Wellbranding Guide

Glynnis is a teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, published author, creative director, and branding expert in the wellness and healing arts arena. Combining her experience in Ayurveda, aromatherapy and aromanutrition with an 18-year global career as an award winning art director and graphic designer, Glynnis empowers entrepreneurs, healers and teachers to discover their own unique branding.

Glynnis has founded brands such as The Spice Life, offering learning experiences and products in aromanutrition and Ayurveda, and The Mystic Masala Aromatherapy, where she created and sold 26 product lines in retailers across North America such as Whole Foods for over 14 years. Glynnis believes that when a brand is aligned with the true soul-purpose of its founder, that person can use their aligned one of a kind brand and business to make a profound and positive difference in the world.

Vancouver Workshop Venue

Details and link sent on registration


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